Bad names can work

I posted this yesterday, and it points to the fact that bad domains can still work… despite the awful name and reports of bad service, they are still a big hosting company.
But why would you give yourself the handicap? If you want to do that I have for just $295 – I challenge you to make a billion dollar business from it!
Spend a little more and it’s like giving your project a boost-up before you start – your marketing there to complement the name, not to compensate for it, and can help with SEO too. Wonderful synergy.

Whilst we have plenty classic .com domains which could easily form the basis of a brand – Check the list here
But the future has to lie with the clean and accurate new extensions.
See Some Examples
All of these are owned and accessed in exactly the same way as you would a .com. The future future lies with blockchain domains that do require browser changes but we aren’t selling here!

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